Friday, 24 February 2012

Happy Birthday GoatDodders..!

It was my birthday two days ago-[Wednesday], so I did what you suggested.. I did some 'bloody-wishful-thinking'.. that's right and it works! It's definitely better than feeling sorry for oneself, which I don't recommend at all-[feeling sorry for yourself that is]... I was upbeat  - It's not every day you  turn 46, right!  That's 16,801-days on this beautiful BLUE ORB!!!

For my 46BD - from my beautiful family-TRCI got;
  • an Apple that makes music and a card-of-plastictunes
  • a whiteset of earphones by Son-y
  • coloured cottons XXL2-fit my skin...and more stuff too!
Anyway, so I'd just been for my four-monthly check-up on the previous day - with Dr.P.Sandstrom's outpatient-clinic at PCH-[actually, it was with one of his registrar's], a 'minion' no less. I think that I'm up to six-[minion's], now.. but it's cool - Dr.P.S keeps a pretty close-EYE on his entourage  and they like to ask a lot of questions too. I always get a great response from them when I tell my 'story'- he,he. 

We had a good discussion about things - any progress or setbacks. I like going over my history all over-again as sometimes I know things they don't know I know! I'm getting better at it, sometimes I remember the correct terminologies to use like; 'peripheral-neuralgia', and 'ulnar-nerve' too [hey, it's not so bad in Australia], for being an 'outpatient' in a Hospital-Clinic, ..thank goodness...

My dosage for 'Gabapentin' is increasing  - chiefly to cover my 'background' neuralgia pain, which has been aggravated since my 'car-accident' last year; and my dosage for 'Amitriptyline' is increasing - to help me with my peripheral-neuralgia. My dosage for 'Digesic'-[patch] is staying [x2 per week]. So, that was my 'grease & oil change',  I'm good... for another 3 months!

p.s.    ...and for all the right reasons - I love my family sooooo much!!!