Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A BIG thank you! My friends...

From left to right is the raised flood-bank along Cedar Creek - a tranquil walk 
It has come to my attention, that I have to say a very big thank you to my friends - those folks out there in the 'interwebs', who have taken the time out of there busy lives to visit my blog - read my 'ranting' sometimes 'random' posts, but thinking about my story enough to stop and leave their comments.  It really makes a massive, positive difference to me!  

So, thank you folks;

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I thought I might just show a glimpse of 'our' little Cedar Creek. It plays a part in my journey - in the background - trickling, flowing, bubbling along. She can be both serene and at times bad tempered. We love it...

A peaceful swimming-hole - our beautiful Cedar Creek

Sadly, due to the unforseen 'Monsoon' which visited upon us 2-weeks ago - and delivered howling winds and torrential rains - our beautiful Cedar Creek has been somewhat remodelled...

Cedar Creek, view of driveway -[gone!]- The raging torrent!

Cedar Creek Road Causeway - 16in' /400mm water over road. Eventually - the Creek swelled to approx. 40in'/1100mm over the road - and the signs went under!

However - I never lose my wonderment for 'Mother-Nature'. How she can be both tolerant and terrible - in the space of a day. But, out of all the maelstrom can come new growth, new beginnings, a fresh start. Wonderful...

The NEW Cedar Creek -  exposed, raw, ready for action - new swimming holes to explore!

A new log jam - so Cedar Creek picks another route! Rocks, rocks, everywhere!