Monday, 27 October 2014

Walking is better with a friend..!

Hello readers, friends, and fellow TM'ers!

How many of you have a dog? I believe my walking is 'better' - with a friend..

My companion Zeus - (a 'bull-arab'-cross) - absolutely loves a walk up the Cedar Creek trail..

Dogs have been a part of my family for many years, living their lives with us and giving their love freely. There is so much said about there being a real benefit to your soul - of having a dog, sharing your love with them and in return, experiencing their loyalty. What is it, to 'own' a dog? When in all reality, they can just run away if they choose, right! I believe to have 'companionship' with a dog is like getting a present, every day!

A flowering 'Acacia'-Tree is a member of the Eucalypts - the worlds only flowering trees!

It is a gift, one that is returned to you with interest. For they are caring enough to welcome us into their lives, yet for them, their existence, is totally based on trust. They trust us to feed and care for them, play with them and teach them good manners (mostly), so then they in-return shower us with love and protect us - with their lives. Let me tell you something about our 'puppy' Zeus..!

Zeus loves this little swimming-hole very much!

He's been with us for a little over a year now, and he's a quick learner! I have this 'app'-for my iPhone called 'Runtastic', so every time I go for a walk - usually every day - it makes a verbal-countdown from "10-9-8..." Well, Zeus just flips out and jumps to attention and comes to me like, "..daddy-daddy-lets-go-for-a-walk.." Now, can we???? A-ha-??? He's a real 'mate' for me on our walking adventures.

Cedar Creek delivers these amazingly 'tranquil' settings..

I've taken lots of photos of our local surroundings (a flowering'Acacia' above) and of the Cedar Creek itself, with which our road we live on takes it's name. He has a favourite thing to do when we walk along and that's to walk into the creek at 'special' spots, up to his chest and stand there, he's weird! But, we love him.

Cedar Creek has a 'magical' presence - the trees create an amphitheatre..

Since January this year, when we started walking together, we've walked a total of over 600 kilometers! That's about 370 miles! Not bad for a 48-year old 'broken-man' with "Transverse-Myelitis" - and his dog! You know what - I've felt better in the last three months, than I have for three years and I put it all down to my dog! Because he drives me to do it - I walk with him until we've both had enough, not me, both! ...Thank you Zeus! 

Zeus and me - (..before I lost my glasses!) ..but, that's another story altogether..!

I live with my pain everyday, as you all do too! And, I must be striving to 'pace myself', which is very difficult for me - I'm a 'boom-and-buster'. But, we all must keep looking forward and do what I call.. 'lifing-through-the-pain'..!