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This page is where I'll be sharing positive advice and opinion...Sometimes, when I read or hear pieces of inspiration - from a book, or a friend that makes common sense, this is the page I'll place them. Because I believe in sharing,not just to get my own feelings out there!... so if I can help just one of you by this, thus my job-done. It might be words ...or a picture ...or a video...

This is a snippet I took-(c+p), from my; - page. I did this reply to Dr.Graham Martin, he was asking for some comments from anyone "out-there" with a similar situation...

Musings of a Doddery olde Goat...

15 December 2013 at 23:50
Your energy levels are amazing! My lesion is in the base of the skull, at 'C-?'-something, also I have some nerve/ damage in the sacral region/sacroiliac-joints (post MVA Jul/11) and which 'revved-up' my underlying-condition-(Transverse-Myelitis). I can relate to your conditions too! Do you have a 'specialised/LTV-cushion'? It makes a hell of a difference in my life! I couldn't sit in a car (to DRIVE it) for 18-months, because the physical-muscular-effort of pushing the pedals was giving me terrible shooting-pains and 'pressure sensations' in sacral regions. But, I must thank the wonderful staff of 'Professor-Tess-Cramond-Multidisciplinary-Pain-Clinic', for my rehabilitation this year. After a lot of physio/mindfulness-techniques/tai-chi/hydrotherapy between RBH & PCH I'm now driving! Even so, for me to be a passenger is uncomfortable. It's a feeling like a lead-weight being suspended from my bottom, with every sensation of 'G-forces' w/cornering/braking/acceleration transmuted through my inards! (Mate, that's how I describe it)..  is Your body trying to tell you something..? Ease back on the throttle mate ok. I think the fact you're spending a lot of time sitting in the same position. So much of your energy is spent in the CAR, so isn't doing you any favours either-(constant/posture/pressure points)? 

It's just blah,blah about my story of living with TM!

Along the path to find the 'Creekasaurus'...?
                               Along the path to find the 'Creekasaurus'...?

A Positive email to me from the Representative to the Federal Government, for the "..National Disability Insurance Scheme.." 

Dear Glendon,

The new Federal Parliament is up and running. I'm writing today to thank you for your ongoing support for our bipartisan approach. It means that our voices continue to be heard and respected by Government and Opposition alike. 

106 MPs have backed the National Disability Insurance Scheme. You can see if your MP is on board at our updated MP gallery on our website. 

A change of government always raises a lot of questions, and it's been great to see supporters raising questions on what happens now for the NDIS. 

Here's the latest on what's happening right now:

  • The NDIS has returned to its original name, and will no longer be known as DisabilityCare Australia.
  • Launch sites in Tasmania, South Australia, the Hunter area in New South Wales and the Barwon area in Victoria are already supporting around 1,500 people with disability.
  • Preparation is well underway in the ACT, Northern Territory and Western Australia for their launches which start in July 2014.
  • The NDIS will begin in Queensland in 2016.
  • Senator Mitch Fifield is responsible for NDIS implementation as Assistant Minister for Social Services. Senator Fifield has been a passionate supporter of the scheme since the beginning of our campaign.
We know that at the moment the NDIS isn't there for every Australian. And that can be really frustrating when you've campaigned so hard for its introduction. 

The NDIS is a fundamental shift to a person-centred, national system that more than doubles the resources available for disability support. The transition will be complex and will take time. This is essentially to ensure we get the best possible scheme for every Australian in the future. 

We have secured the NDIS, now we have to make sure it's implemented so it does what it was intended to do. 

Thank you for your unfailing support. 


John Della Bosca
and the Every Australian Counts campaign team 

PS. We've updated our FAQs page so if you've asked us a specific question, chances are it's there. 

Below is an email, which I sent to a rather prominent person in the 'interweb' of blogging, just a

few minutes ago. So I want to see if I'll get a reply? ...I just wanted to share this with you - I feel lucky!

My pain, is a drain on my brain! ...But, I will sustain my reign over my lame frame, to seize the day! ...While, asleep I play in my dreams!

Hi L,

I appreciate the words of support and frankly, I am  trying my best. I have a 
condition called TM-[transverse-myelitis]-which is hindering my efforts to do 
more sooner. I have to pace myself - and sometimes that means I'm away 
from my computer for days at a time, because my hands literally cramp-up 
and I find using a keyboard difficult to say the least. 

My ambition far outweighs my ability at the moment L - otherwise I'd be 
'killing-it' with my blog! I've been using 'Blogger', I know you want us to be on
'Wordpress' but I had already started my blog before I knew about 'wordpress'
 - so I've kept it going along like it is - I'd love to try and branch-out into doing 
another blog - utilising my talent with graphic-design, so maybe 'Wordpress' 
will be the platform for my next foray into the blog-world...

L, I invite you to have a look at my existing blog, any way! ...please!
Just click on the link; 
I know you're a very busy person, and I'll understand if you don't! Heck, you
probably get hundreds of emails a day - any way, I won't give up trying!

Glendon-[a.k.a.Goat Dodders].

This picture [above] was posted on a 'friend's-blog'...and I couldn't resist borrowing it to place here-[I hope he doesn't mind?]. This is so true for me - and I'm sure for a few of you too! My friend's name is 'Optimistic-Existentialist', so his 'blog' is at; Musings of an Unapologetic Dreamer ...and this's from a recent post... "There is a lot of "comfort" to be found in one's comfort zone. Comfort zones are safe, secure,  and familiar. They're also low risk. The problem with comfort zones is that they are easy to get stuck in. An over-reliance on the familiar leads to a fear of the unfamiliar...and that's never a healthy thing. For this reason, comfort zones can often act as an obstacle to growth and development. 

When we step out of our comfort zone, we open ourselves up to a world that had been previously closed off to us! Also, it's not nearly as hard as it may sound. You can start with little things like listening to different types of music or starting a random conversation with a stranger. After work, take a different route home. You can even make your next trip to the grocery store something completely different by buying things that you've never tried before and spending entire week eating new entrees. Although these are relatively little things, they can be invigorating because they free you from your routine and they allow you to experience things that you had previously been hesitant to experience. 

These small changes should make you feel more energized and mentally refreshed. At this point, you can even take things up a notch. Do you have a phobia? If so, perhaps you should work on finally conquering it (I am conquering my phobia of heights this summer). Is there a person that you've wanted to approach for a while but haven't been able to get up the nerve? Approach them for goodness sakes! And you know what? If you make a fool of yourself...who cares? At least you are living life fully...right?

1st Annual Transverse Myelitis Walk, Cooper River Park, South Jersey from Reel Stuff Entertainment on Vimeo.

It's about time-[above]-the First Annual South Jersey TM Walk.  I really wish that I could have been there too!  C’s family and friends helped put this together to raise funds for awareness and research, and I want to thank all that got involved in this!  RP is the support group leader for Central New Jersey, and he was at this event, with lots of other TM’ers on the video, and if you are not on this tmic list, please introduce yourselves!  You are all amazing!!
Thank you C, thank you R, thank you to all of you who made this event such a success!

Ah-Ha the SECRET is out!!