This page is about what appeals to me. All of the things in the universe that I could do, can do, and want to do. Stuff that matters to me, that I enjoy; sounds; videos; pictures; and all the other things that are too numerous to mention...

p.s. ...Oh, I forgot touch; and taste; and the unmistakable aroma of a good coffee!




Clinging onto rocks... Amazing!

A cliff-face is created by the giant "Tap-root"..!

Oh! ..a little baby!

If you turn your head.. You can see a Crocodile!

I take the "Long-View"..!

Look closer..  A "Jockey on Horseback"..!

Smile..! (..a thousand dimples)

I'm watching you.. "Watching Me"

"Ole Bluey" is forever vigilant. (nature is clever)

Stones being animated..!

Baby Eucalyptus..?

A Natural Leafy-Dam..!

Ironbark going 'straight-UP'...!

I love the mid-day sunlight..!

Can a tree feel pain..?

NEW LIFE can sprout from anywhere..!

View from my back Verandah.. 'Rainforest'

My local 'waterhole'..Beautiful Cedar Creek!

Nature is 'Awesome'..!

A view back towards the driveway..!

My 'Zen'..

A local friendly 'thunder-cloud'..


..some of my backyard-(blurry sorry)...

..our guardian feline - "Patch"! son JD discovered a story in a tree-ring!

..more story in a tree-ring!

..beautiful patterns, so close to home!

..a sunset on the way home from the 'Sunshine-Coast'!

..more of the same!

..and more!

..and more!

..on the way over to Mt.Glorious - beautiful!

..a view of Lake Moogerah - ancient landscapes!

and sideways

..the Sun "catching a wave" over Samford!