Monday, 14 July 2014

A thank you message..!

Hello readers, supporters, and friends alike! I would like to apologise for being "away" from my blog for these past weeks, sorry - some believe saying sorry is a weakness. Not me. I believe in the opposite! And opposites attract - so more people need to say sorry, in my opinion. The World would be a better place. Now, imagine hearing these three words, together... Sorry - thank you!

Thank you. Two more little words that mean so much, yet are not said enough. We go around living our lives day by day and we hear, read and see other people about, doing the same things. Mostly, we're complaining that we've run out of time to do all the things we want to do.

We know our problems are unique to ourselves - but, I want to personally say thank you to the people closest to me that I've taken for granted and brushed aside, I'm truly grateful. People like you and me have chronic conditions that bring all sorts of symptoms. Symptoms can be treated but the underlying conditions remain - we have too many "bad-days" for our liking.

We still must appreciate the "good-days", when they come. For me, saying thank you to those that care for me is not just being polite. It releases stress! Acceptance of my conditions is a constant battle, that I've had now since 2007. And for me, fighting the natural urge to "push-back" when someone wants to help me get off my chair or hold the car door open for me - is hard when it should be easy.

So, thank you to my current doctors and specialists, for helping me with drugs and therapies to improve my states of body and mind - both are "works-in-progress" of course, right folks! Thank you to the nurses and aids, technicians and staff - who've been there tending to me afterwards, when I've fallen into 'ditches' and down gullies. Scratches, scrapes and cracked bones by me. 

P.s.  Say hi to our Dog, Zeus!