Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Professor Graham Martin trained as a medical doctor;

I've been looking high and low for this particular podcast, which I listened to, back in February this year and finally I've found it! This is an interview between my local ABCradio identity-[Richard Fidler], and Dr. Martin, a lovely man whom I was fortunate to meet in person at a recent 'Spinal-Injuries-Association'-Day, earlier this year in Brisbane. Please click on the link below to listen to his insightful interview by podcast;

, Graham Martin had to shift from doctor to helpless patient, changing his whole thinking on medical care. A brilliant psychiatrist and researcher into the underlying causes of youth-suicide and self-harm. ...While at his desk one day in 2009, Graham experienced a stabbing pain in his stomach and creeping numbness in his leg. It was the beginning of a new phase of his medical education, this time as a patient...

I personally found Dr. Martin's story an absolute analogue to the type of experiences I was having in hospital, in 2007. A feeling of being 'held-up-to-the-light' like an experiment from the basement, with lots of poking and prodding and testing. Just not much in the way of answers!

Anyway, I hope Graham's story gives you the same dose of 'reality' that it gave me..?